Talks With Theresa Marie: How to Beat Bad Feelings

Welcome back to the September edition of Talks With Theresa Marie! In this post, I’m going to be talking about, How to Beat Bad Feelings. The bad feelings I’ll be talking about are, feeling tired, lonely, and stressed.

Feeling Tired:

Feeling tired, is something everyone in the world has felt, or is currently feeling. Feeling tired, can cause all sorts of emotions to rise, and leave you feeling completely drained and overwhelmed. I am someone who cherishes sleep. If i’m not in bed by 10:30/11 pm I know that I’m going to have a bad day the next day. When I’m at school and I begin to feel so tired that it interferes with my work, I will go on a break and walk around campus, drink some water, or eat a healthy snack. Feeling tired, is not always from a lack of sleep. You can feel tired for all sorts of reasons, temperature, weather, lighting, energy, etc. Feeling tired is more often caused by natural effects. Drinking water, going for a walk, and eating a healthy snack will give you a boost of energy that is healthy and you’ll feel better enough to finish your work.

Feeling Lonely:

No one likes to feel like they’re alone. Feeling alone can cause you too be depressed, exhausted, stressed, etc. It’s probably one of the worst feelings. Sometimes, we feel alone when everyone is just simply busy and can’t talk or hangout with us. In those cases, what I like to do is read a book, go to the gym, watch a movie/tv show, take a long hot bath and just have ‘me time.’ We often forget to take care of ourselves in that way and I think sometimes when we feel lonely, it’s our bodies saying “pay attention to me, you’re lonely cause I need you!” Whenever you’re feeling lonely, give time to yourself and reflect.

Feeling Stressed:

I don’t know one person who has never felt stressed in their life. Feeling stressed is a powerful feeling that can take over your whole body and mind. It can physically hurt you, and will 100% mentally hurt you. Stress is a horrible feeling. I feel the most stressed at school during finals week. Studying like crazy to make sure I pass is very exhausting. During finals week, I really focus on my health so that I don’t make myself sick from all the pressure. Some of the things I enjoy doing when I’m stressed are yoga, eating fruit, coloring, reading, and walking/exercising. These things really help me stay on track and not totally lose my mind. For more tips on stress, check out these posts: 5 Yoga Poses for Stress, and My Tips For Dealing With Stress & Anxiety.

Well, there’s my 3 tips on How to Beat Bad Feelings. I hope these tips help you and thank you for tuning in to another Talks With Theresa Marie!



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