My Summer 2018 Bucketlist

Every summer I make a bucket list, but it seems like not even half of it gets done. This summer I am determined to complete all of it! I thought it would be fun to share my bucket list with you which is why I made this post. I’d love to know some of your bucket list items too so please DM me on Instagram or comment below!

  1. Learn Italian, Spanish and Sign Language. I took Spanish classes from 5th grade until 11th grade and for some reason it never stuck with me, probably because I was lazy back then lol. My mom is of Italian background and used to speak the language when her grandmother was alive, but stopped after she passed. I would love to speak both languages fluently. Sign language I think is important to know and super beneficial.
  2. Have a picnic in Central Park. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually been to Central Park. I live in NY too which is crazy that I haven’t been there.
  3. Try a spin class! My best friend is obsessed with it and always asks me to go, but I’m afraid
  4. Meet someone new
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Road trip to the Hamptons
  7. Go horseback riding
  8. Berry picking
  9. Go to a winery with all my friends
  10. Have a lot of backyard summer parties with friends/family


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