Jump-start Your Week

Sunday is the day to rewind and refresh, and jump-start your week. I love being super productive on Sunday and setting up everything I need to do. Planning and to-do lists are my two essentials, for efficiency and productivity. I wanted to make this post to share what I do to kick off a new week because some may hate Sunday’s and dread a new week, but with these tips your life will become easier. I typically will do these things mid Sunday through Sunday night, but it can vary based on the day and if I’m super busy. So, let’s get into my tips on  how to Jump-start Your Week

  • Take your shower and do your hair Sunday morning. I think it’s easier this way, especially if you’re like me and let your hair air dry. It will dry and be perfect by night time.
  • Meal prep! This is key for me. If I don’t meal prep my food for the week then I’m more likely to eat junk. Meal prepping is time consuming and can be annoying, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Just pick a few things that take longer to cook and prep those. For me, that’s sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, and lentils. Then I usually will chop all my veggies too so they are ready to be eaten/cooked.
  • Check the weather for the week and plan your outfits for work/school. I love taking my clothes out the night before because it gets me motivated and excited to wear my cute outfit. I like to look at all my clothes and plan the other outfits too. I usually will just keep the idea in my head or I’ll try it on and take a mirror selfie in it and save it to my OOTD folder on my camera roll. Picking out your clothes for the week will save you so much time and aggravation in the morning.
  • Write everything out in your planner/to-do list. I usually write everything in my planner with pencil, but once it’s an official plan I will go over it with pen. Going through my planner on Sunday is so important, because sometimes I forget that I had something planned. I will start on the monthly spread first, then transfer to my weekly spread and then onto my dry erase calendar board. Lastly, I put it in my phone calendar. You can never be to prepared.
  • Do a facial/paint your nails. Sundays are for no makeup and skin care! Facials on a Sunday is so different than a facial any other day! You’ll clear your skin and feel so confident throughout the week! Paint your nails too. There’s nothing better than a fresh manicure for a new week.
  • Meditate or read a book. I love to meditate and focus on my energy before bed. It keeps me calm and aware. It also helps me relax for the new week ahead. If I don’t meditate I love to read a book and drink some tea. I call this my tea time. I will pick up a book and usually have a Sleepy time, calming or detox tea. It’s really refreshing and helps relax me for the night before I go to bed.

These tips really help me kick off a new week in a great way. Honestly, if I don’t do these things I notice I will have a bad week or be extremely stressed. Next Sunday, I want you to try these tips and see if and how your week changes! Have a great week!


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