How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On Summer Vacation

Summer vacations can sometimes be hard on your diet/healthy lifestyle. The food is so decadent that you just want to eat everything, but you know if you do you’re going to regret it so much. Well I’m here to help. This post is going to be all about How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle On Summer Vacation. I’m going to break it into categories of Eating, Exercise and Rest & Relax. Let’s get into the post!


Healthy lifestyles/eating has become way more popular recently (should’ve been popular since forever lol) so it actually makes maintaining one a little easier. When you go on vacation, especially if it’s a tropical place, you’re going to be tempted by the pool drinks, bad food, etc. Mostly every place now has “healthy” choices on their menus. If you’re going to stay in a hotel without a kitchen, you’re most likely going to be eating out every night. When you eat out, look at every single item on the menu. If there’s nothing on the healthy side opt for a salad or a sandwich (usually you can choose what type of bread – stay away from white bread). Usually most hotels, restaurants will accommodate you if you’re “on a special diet.” You can always ask the waiter/waitress if they’re able to make something special for you.

If you’re staying in a condo/hotel/house with a kitchen in the room, then you can shop for your own groceries. This will lead you to eat out less. My family has a condo in Florida with a full size kitchen so we always shop for our own groceries and will eat out only a few times a week when we stay there. Having your own kitchen on your vacation, even if it’s small will be a great benefit if you’re trying to stay healthy. You can cook your own meals, save money and stay healthy! It’ll be like if you were home cooking normally, except you’re on vacation. Of course, not everyone will want to cook for themselves while on vacation, so if you’re one of those people at least go to the grocery store and buy fruit and veggies to eat for breakfast/lunch/snacks and only go out to eat for dinner. If you eat healthy the whole day, and slip up a little for dinner it’s not the end of the world. Just like mentioned above, look for healthier options.

Walking is great cardio!


While on vacation, no one wants to exercise. NO ONE. But, if you’re serious about staying healthy then you’ll do it anyway. Most hotels have gyms, if so go and do a little workout. You don’t have to go crazy and do what you would do at home, something light on vacation is good. A workout is a workout right?

If there’s no gym, then take 15-20 minute walks around the hotel property for cardio. If there’s a pool, do some laps in it. If there’s nothing to exercise with at your place then go into the town and rent a bike for the day. Take a bike ride around town instead of driving, do a bike tour, just ride the bike lol. If theres jet skis or things like that DO IT. I promise you’ll be sore from it. Whenever I ride jet skis I’m sore for 2 days after lol so do it. Go for a hike. Find something you can do that will be a form of cardio. It doesn’t have to be long, do it for at least 15 minutes.

Rest & Relax:

A lot of people go on vacation and just want to rest, some go on vacation and plan a whole day that starts at 7am. That’s all fine, but vacations are usually for fun, and REST. Whether you’re sleeping in later, relaxing by a pool/ocean, whatever it is just get some rest. I’m not saying to not do those fun, crazy, adventurous things that vacation involves, I’m saying to just make sure you get rest. Resting on vacation is important because you most likely get none at home due to work/school etc. Stay in bed till 9, don’t wake up at 6am. There is no reason to force yourself out of bed on vacation. Just rest and relax.

Well that’s all for this post! I hope these tips help you maintain that healthy lifestyle while on summer vacation!



  1. July 17, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Great post! I always find I workout the first couple of days of vacation and then it all seems to stop 🙈 Great tips, thanks xx


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