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Fall is my absolute favorite season! Everything is so pretty, the air is crisp, the smells are decadent. This season just makes me so excited! For every season, I round up some essentials that I think are well, essential. In this post, I’m going to be sharing my Fall Essentials from Food, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.


Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Pumpkin Shaped Sugar Cookies

These are just two of my favorite food essentials for Fall. I eat oatmeal all year long, but the flavors I eat change with the seasons. In the spring/summer, I eat peach flavored oatmeal, and in the fall/winter, I eat the Maple & Brown Sugar flavor. It just tastes like Fall. If oatmeal had to represent Fall it would be this one. The pumpkin shaped sugar cookies from Pillsbury are an absolute must! They’re super yummy, and cute, perfect for those Instagram pictures lol.


The Fall essential I always go for is lipstick. My makeup doesn’t change much during the Fall, except for maybe less bronzer and more eyeshadow, the main thing that changes is my lipstick. I think every girl needs a dark lip, a good brown lip, and a nice metallic lip for this season. My favorite lipsticks are actually from Avon. I am someone who loves a creamy lipstick, I don’t like mattes because they always dry out my lips, and I’m not a huge gloss girl, mainly because my hair always gets stuck in it, but creamy lipsticks I love. Avon, in my opinion has the best ones. The 3 lipsticks I recommend for Fall are: NARS – Sexual Healing (Metallic)Avon – True Color Lipstick Cashmere (Brown)Avon – True Color Lipstick Cherry Jubilee (Dark).


Blanket scarves, ripped denim and booties. The most basic combo ever, but they are definitely essential. Blanket scarves are obvious, warmth and to be cozy while still looking cute. Ripped denim I actually just recently got into. I was never one to wear it, because I always had big legs and felt, “if I’m wearing pants to cover my legs why would I want rips in them to show my legs?” I got over that this spring when I discovered my love for baggy overly ripped tom girl jeans from American Eagle. Now ripped jeans are my favorite. They dress down any look, are comfortable, make you look trendy, and casual. They can totally be dressed up too, that’s my favorite thing to do! I just love the whole look of an oversized sweater with some ripped denim and booties, classic Fall look. My favorite ripped denim are these from American Eagle. Booties are just a need, more than a want. Booties dress up any look and are so comfy and stylish. I personally love booties, because I don’t wear heels so booties are the perfect alternative for me, especially since I’m 5’2″


The last, but not least Fall essential is of course, candles. You can never go wrong with some candles. I actually have an obsession with candles, it’s really bad. One day, I bought 30 candles within an hour at Yankee Candle lol, #sorrynotsorry. I just love them, especially the Fall scents. My favorite candles are the ones that aren’t too sweet. The candles that are “pumpkin cupcake” or “caramel pumpkin swirl” I don’t like. Those are just way too sweet for me, it almost gives me a headache. “Spiced pumpkin,” “flannel,” “campfire,” “harvest,” are my kinda candles. I get all my candles from Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works.

Well that’s it for my Fall Essentials – Food, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle post! I hope you all enjoyed it! Let’s see if we have something in common! Let me know your favorite Fall essentials in the comments.



  1. October 14, 2017 / 9:42 pm

    You mentioned so many of my favourites in the post!

    • October 14, 2017 / 10:09 pm

      Yay! These are great essentials for Fall! (: Thank you for reading!


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