Beach/Pool Essentials

It’s finally time to hit the beach and pool! But wait… WHAT DO I PACK?!?!?!

That can totally be a crisis especially if you’re a last minute person that forgets everything lol. But, don’t worry Theresa Marie Daily has got you covered! In this post you’ll find out what my Beach/Pool Essentials are and hopefully they’ll help you out too! Let’s get into it! …


The Essentials:

Not shown: Books, magazines, speakers, food/snacks, sand toys, coolers, etc.

These are my essentials for going to the beach/pool! They’re always in my summer bags! Some of these items were featured in my On The Go Products post! Check out that post to see other products you could potentially bring to the Beach/Pool.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Refer back to it when you’re stuck on what to pack for the Beach/Pool!

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