$10 DIY: Flower Letter

If you follow my blog and all my social medias then you know I absolutely love DIYs! I think they’re super cute, creative and fun. You can DIY just about anything which is really awesome! For this DIY, my friend Elisa (featured in this post) and I wanted to make flower letters for our bedroom doors! On the outside of my bedroom door I have a hook, because I have decorative holiday signs/wreaths that I hang for certain months. When there’s no holiday though my door is empty, so I wanted to make something decorative to hang there. We found this idea on Pinterest and decided we should try it out! They came out super pretty and only cost us $10 each! Let’s get into the DIY!

What You’ll Need:

What To Do: (Please use adult supervision when using the knife!) 

Preparing the Letters

  1. Take your knife and slowly/gently begin cutting into the letter to cut off the top layer (make sure you don’t cut into the bottom layer).
  2. Once top layer is cut off, take out the inside.
  3. Take your foam blocks and measure them according to size of letter.
  4. Cut your foam blocks to size and place inside the letter to fill until complete.

The Flowers

  1. Figure out how you want the flowers to be arranged.
  2. Take your flowers and one by one cut them off leaving a little of the stem.
  3. Stick the stem into the foam.
  4. Repeat for whole letter.
  5. If you want to show some of the leaves: after cutting the flower, take the leaf part off and slip it onto the end of your flower and place into the foam.

How to Hang

  1. Once your whole letter is covered with flowers it’s time to hang it!
  2. Our letters came with that plastic piece that hangs them in the store so we used that as our hanging piece.
  3. Take your ribbon and cut it to size then loop it through the plastic hanger and tie a knot to secure.
  4. Hang on your door!
  5. If your letter does not come with a plastic hanger you can hot glue the ribbon to the back of the letter to secure it.

Your DIY Flower Letter is now complete! Elisa and I are extremely happy with how they turned out! The best part about using the foam is that you’re able to replace the flowers if needed! You can change the flowers for different seasons by just pulling them out of the foam, so easy!

We hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you recreate it please send it to TMD through social media!


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